31 Oct 2019

It's been ages since I've written. I read the blogs every day, and I love hearing about people's experiences, perspectives, ways of coping (or not), and the general openness, honesty, respect and acceptance shared amongst us all. Each person's sharing is so precious and gives such life so freely to others. It really does help me reflect on so many things. Thank you all!

Life for me has been busy. I've previously written two other 'blogs' to date. I feel I have so much within I could share, but not so much time.

However, over the last few months, I have been learning to slow down a bit and 'listen' – not just to others – but to myself. I've carved some time out for 'me', and given myself some space on a Wednesday, to listen to my heart, to listen to my body, to listen to my mind. I've found that although there are still a million and one things to do, that those things can wait. The important bit is to learn to care for myself in a more healthy way, and to learn to let go of the other 'stuff'.

Sometimes I've managed this, sometimes I've not. I'm learning to not beat myself up when I don't (a huge feat in itself!). But what I have learnt is that when I am able to do this, I am listening to the inner 'me', and noticing and listening to my feelings, as well as getting in touch with my vulnerability. It's not always been easy, and sometimes been painful facing real, deeper feelings, but in doing so, I've become more connected to and aware of myself, and I've come to know me, who I am, and what I need. And I've even begun to use my voice and share those needs with safe others, and that helps me to not feel so alone and disconnected from the world.

As a person who always used to put others before myself, these (perhaps little changes for some), are, for me, huge adjustments which have helped me to feel more present, more self aware, and allowed me to be much kinder to and more tolerant with myself. This has, in turn, enhanced my work with others.

Before now, I've realised I (and some others) have somewhat neglected myself. It was 'easy' to listen to others and their pain and demands. Although uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and at times a challenge, this time out for reflection and stillness for myself has helped me become a safer person for myself. I've learned to know 'me', value myself, have some fun, and do nurturing things that my weary body, mind and spirit so desperately needed.

So, my gentle 'challenge' to you precious people is to really learn to 'listen' to you – what are your deeper feelings and needs? And how, in listening to these, can you learn to nurture and be kind to those places within, and help them to grow and strengthen in a good way, to help you become the best 'you' you can be?


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