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19 Jul 2015

"You only live happily ever after, on a day to day basis."

Look at any religion, any peace-developing meditation or mindfulness, numerous self-help books and DVDs and one of the key 'lessons', is the ability to live in the moment and make decisions based on your inner values, without any need to be attached to the outcome.

As soon as we are attached to the outcome (more power, money, 'things', influence or control) we leave the 'we' (selfless) behind and only focus on the 'me' (selfish)!

When we are attached in this way, we have moved from the society-building and moral foundations of creating a better society. In this move, 'debate' happens - where the one with the best IQ mind can easily win over the best wise heart, rather than 'dialogue' where a common agreed purpose is reached through words.

The best big examples for me of this is the plight of the American Indians or Australian Aborigines or the supposed Christian crusades!

I'm sure you could identify many, many examples from your own life of attachment to outcomes, both concerning others and hopefully yourself if you are still developing and growing, as you awaken to a greater self-awareness of the fact that we are all connected.

If we wish to reduce our own internal stresses, which lead mostly to external stresses in families, relationships, teams and organisations, we are reminded in mindfulness and meditative practices – that the only time is now – here – this moment.

Eckhart Tolle's wonderful book 'The Power of Now' can be an entry into this world - moving away from short term, often ego-driven Newtonian, IQ thinking and pressures.

How can we actually be ourselves and emit our true values and spirit, if we are attached to a certain outcome – rather than being an open and authentic human being who is more than happy to give up their own 'beliefs' for something that sounds or more importantly feels better?

The level of attachment will be aligned and entirely equal to the height of the wall that we build to defend our own position. A 'war' of words can ensue with statements and phrases 'shot' from either side of the wall or more than likely, from the different sides of the table.

First rule of any tough meeting - only round tables. The American Indians and Aborigines of course sat in a circle around camp fires. Try getting that into most Bored rooms...oops I mean Board rooms...or even the CEOs office!!!

A 'them and us' position is sometimes created before we even open our mouths.

So, What are you attached to today? What can you let go of? How can you 'round' off any debate into a dialogue today for a win/win to improve society?


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