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5 Jul 2020

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“Location, location, location,” is a mantra bleated on and on about by Estate Agents and Marketing experts. Whilst I am a fan of neither, there is deep emotional wisdom in “Location, location, location.”

Yesterday, I filmed Emotional Mastery author and coach, Kim Searle. We went on location to West Bay and Bridport in Dorset. My heart, seat of emotion, danced for joy as I drove the long way to Bridport along the Jurassic Coast road from Abbotsbury down to Bridport. The views are breathtakingly spectacular.

Filming on the beach at West Bay with soaring cliffs behind us and roaring waves and winds in front, I felt more alive than I have felt for the last long three months of lockdown. I know we are not all the same, but there has to be ‘Sea’ in the location-equation for me to have a happier future. What are the locations, which, for you, hold a special magic?

Relocation, relocation, relocation…

Environment makes a world of difference to our emotional health and wellbeing. Choosing to shift or relocate our environment always has costs and consequences, but maybe they are well worth it - especially after this extended opportunity we have had to re-examine what is important to us. “There’s a feeling I get when I look to the West, and my spirit is calling for leaving…”

Whilst I have the motive to move West, there is no visible means or opportunity at the moment… but that doesn’t stop you or me visiting these magical locations. A change of scenery is one of the most positive, intentional ways to enjoy or even provoke change.

Vocation, vocation, vocation…

I spend a lot of time with businesspeople and some fascinating insights are emerging from lockdown. Resentment and envy seem to have slipped in between members of some companies where a portion of the team have been furloughed (= enjoying a paid holiday) and where others have had to continue the hard work. Even more interesting is the fact that many furloughed staff are feeling left ‘out of it’. This season of change will have an emotional impact, but once again we can be intentional in what we choose next. Is it time to re-evaluate our values and our vocation? If I’m called to the West, I’m also called to write, to create podcasts and other voice audio, to compose, and to produce video. Any step East or away from these heart-driven-desires brings sorrow and frankly doesn’t work. So what are you feeling ‘called’ to?

Let’s have a frank discussion about what our hearts beat for.

Perhaps if we put first-things-first, life will find a way.


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