Look How Far

24 Feb 2020

Let's imagine a T-junction.

To the left is the past. To the right is the future.

To the left is happiness. To the right is unhappiness.

That doesn't make sense, does it?

It makes even less sense when we realise that the natural tendency, in the example that follows, is to turn to the right every time.

No, it doesn't make sense, but it's the truth in one very important choice point – a T-Junction – we all face regularly on Life's many journeys each day.

The T-Junction in question is the choice on what to pay attention to as a comparison.

This week I put in two days' worth of hard labour to tidy up my working space, and seek to get Lady Penelope's lounge back in order. You see, I'm a NIGHTMARE to live with. I spread out, I'm messy, I leave stuff everywhere. I have always been this way. But this is Penelope's house. She's been phenomenally patient and yet I know 'enough is enough'!

Thus, I wholeheartedly put my shoulder to the task and just got on with it. I've made amazing progress, progress I am proud of. It's not there yet, but I was excited for Penelope to get home from work and look how far I'd come compared to how it was only two days ago.

Her response what not what I desired. She intimated that there was so much left to do.

I felt deflated.

The T-Junction in question has two directions...

To the left is "Look How Far I've Come."

To the right is "Look How Far You've Yet to Go."

One promotes a motivating sense of happiness – of progress from the past to the present.

The other, an overwhelming sense of so much left to do – from the present to the future.

Guess which one is the more productive, motivating, happy direction to look in!

I say this today because you've come SO far.

Yes, your life is not perfect, and, no, my life isn't perfect either... BUT we've come such a long way. To think I was considering suicide only a few months ago – and on multiple occasions – and now I have 'everything' to live for. If I look how far I've come, I am delighted. But if I look to the right, and think about all the things I need yet to sort out, I can feel the energy and joy seeping away... along with my motivation to take action!

I've therefore decided to look left, to look how far I've come, and to rejoice in that.

From that foundation of joy, I can take more steps forward knowing that I am moving forward.

Will you look how far you've come too?

Perhaps you'd share with us just how far you've come?


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