Looking forward (and backwards) to Christmas

18 Dec 2021

A few weeks ago on 20 November I posted a blog called ‘Past, Present and Future’. Today’s post is on the same theme.

As we approach another Xmas and the end of this year, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on what has happened since last Xmas and what might happen in the next 12 months.

First the Past. These are some of the positive memories I have for 2021:

1 I have become more involved with Moodscope. I have now had 14 posts “published”, enjoyed sharing other members thoughts and commenting on their posts. Their comradeship has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.

2 I have continued with my therapy sessions. They help in managing my mental health issues

(and my therapist did not tell me to say that!)

3 My social life has re-started. Going to pubs/restaurants with family and friends again has been a joy.

4 I joined the local bowling club. Meeting others and playing on the crown green on a summers day is a memory that will stay with me forever.

5 And the garden delights. Too many to list but in June the yellow rambling rose stretched out along about 40 feet of fence. I can remember standing very close to it and inhaling its fragrance ( the small cuts from its thorns have long since healed!).

Now for the future. Some of my hopes:

1 Let there be light! The days start getting longer in a few weeks time.

2 Spring! Early bulbs popping their heads above the soil. Some of the trees shooting from their revitalised branches and a little later producing blossom.

3 We manage to control the Covid virus sufficiently so that everyone can lead fairly normal lives.

4 I continue to manage my mental health with the continued support of my therapist and all my Moodscope ‘friends’. I have plenty more ideas for further Blog posts.

5 I am able to help others with my increasing knowledge of mental health matters.

Okay I have dealt with the past and future. What about the present? Ah, that has to wait until Christmas day!

That reminds me of a Christmas cracker joke:

What happened to the man who stole an advent calendar?

He got 25 days!

What are your positive memories and realistic hopes for the future?


A Moodscope member.

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