Lost in the 'Busyness' of Life.

15 Feb 2014

"The vacation we often need is freedom from our own mind. Appropriately curtailing our obsessive thought patterns is our plane ticket to the pristine beach, the vibrant jungle, of our deeper hearts." Jack Adam Weber.

Most organisations are in my mind, dealing with constant 'busyness' and not dealing with the real business of creating human engagement thus energising passion.

This can be the same in people and families.

How many of us are caught up in processes, procedures, programmes or policies instead of dealing with the only things that can change our lives - people?

It is well documented how meditation can help and now mindfulness is appearing regularly - so why don't more people, people who constantly talk about how busy they are, actually change their behaviour?

Is the issue, simply the addiction of being a 'Human-doing' - almost entirely created from 'schooling' (IQ) (not education - EQ) and busy parents; rather than emerging as a Human-Being, comfortable with yourself in body, mind, heart and spirit.

'Busyness' is an addiction to IQ and keeping the mind occupied - almost like a surface escape - never having to look inside at oneself and thus the inscape.

So, can you simply sit with yourself and be at peace? Or do you have to be doing something to feel OK about yourself?

Try sitting silently right now for say at least 5 minutes and watch your mind and see where it goes? Can you do that? If you are already reading on 'busyness' is attractive to you.

How can you switch off? Take time for yourself? What do you spend your time on?

Does it make you happier? And in doing so, importantly, what are you teaching your children?

Those with children, are you rarely at home due to working to pay for what your kids want and what makes you feel secure; thus showing your kids that money, even although you may be unhappy at work, or absent from them, is what is required in life?

Time is the most important thing you have - how are you spending it? Feeding the 'busyness' and perpetuating the predominately IQ world around you? Or feeding your heart and spirit and offering the most important example to your family and friends - that of balance and happiness, morals before money, people before process, compassion before control, wisdom before work and heart before head.


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