Love you gran.

6 Nov 2015

I hit a low. I'm always low but I have different degrees. I was expecting it differently, at this time of year a slow but regular descent into winter. Nope. Not this one. Jollying along, feeling slightly superhuman maybe, then a cricket bat to the knees had me reeling.

I think I swore. I know I did. I find it cathartic. I spent a few days licking my wounds and internally wailing (I may have wailed externally once or twice, maybe even in this virtual world!). Then I pulled up my socks and grudgingly started the wheels of survival once again. Got myself outside on foot and walking pavements. Crossly. In the cold and the rain. Yuck.

Passed a little old lady (love them!) in her mac and her plastic head wrap. That sent me into thinking about my beloved granny... me and my brother pulling on that amazing headgear and laughing at each other, at ourselves but also at how funny the world sounded through the plastic. There followed a trip in to her wondrous ways and her ability to crack us up.

There. I'd learned. The world can keep turning. We only need to do ONE thing and we learn we can do it. We can. It's usually the thing you want to do least that you need to do most.

(I know, I wish it was crisp sandwiches too.)

Do one thing.

Love from

The room above the garage.

A Moodscope member.

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