Magic Words

18 Feb 2019

Words have power – if we allow them to.

I love words.

I love the reaction they can produce.

It's like a 'Sleeper' in Spy Movies – the code word awakens the sleeper – and the sleeper must awaken!

Hypnotists appear to use trigger words to awaken a planned response.

It would be way too easy to share with you the words that elicit a bad response from me, but that's not what today's blog is about. This is a 'feel-good-blog' so we are going to share the words that make us feel great.

"Joy" is one such word.

It gives me tingles.

"Happiness" doesn't do it for me, "Joy" does.

My Name(s) do too – since both my first name, "Neil," and my reduced middle name, "Lex," are deeply significant to me. If you remember the story of Rumpelstiltskin, there is power in a name! Adam and Eve were supposed to express their dominion by naming all the animals.

I know that if I meet someone who has one of my favourite names, I am unfairly prejudiced in their favour! How silly is that? But how common?

So, to "Joy" I add "Peace". "Love" is overused, but "Grace" and "Hope" and "Kindness" are big hitters for me too. "Thoughtfulness" and "Books" are hot words.

I was fortunate enough to be treated to a Burgundy Wine Dinner at the luxurious Hotel du Vin last week. This was lavishness way beyond my current budget, and I was deeply appreciative of the experience. The company was good, and the conversation drifted onto "Control Words". These are code words that deep friends use to trigger an action - covertly. Since my friend will remain anonymous, I feel at liberty to share his control word. "Banana!" is code between him and his partner for when they need to make a graceful exit from a scenario. The key is to use the control word naturally within a sentence. Hilarious and yet rather special.

My request is for you to share some of your magic words... or perhaps just one. And I'd ask that you give us a little insight into why your magic word works – why it is significant – what the secret of its magic is. Thank you!

My belief is powerful: good words can break evil spells. If you have been going through an evil spell of depression, there may well be a breakthrough today.

I'll kick us off with "Samantha" because I fell in love with Samantha from "Bewitched" when I was very young... but perhaps it was just a spell...


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