Make someone smile.

26 Jan 2014

When was the last time you complimented someone? I'm guessing you can't remember. I certainly can't!

I do remember the last time someone complimented me though. A friend told me she loved my shoes, and I felt a little burst of appreciation, my self worth swelled for that moment and I felt good about myself.

What does this tell us? Well, it shows that what we say makes a difference to others, and just one little word can have a monumental impact. And the other good news is that making someone feels good gives us a buzz.

So, with just one thoughtful comment, you have brightened two lives.

How much effort does it really take to start noticing the beauty in those around us? And (another plus!) this makes us all the more 'mindful'. Yes, it's that ever more frequently used word which represents our all important 'wellness'.

So, in an effort to take some of my own advice, today I really noticed the things I love about those special people in my life. And also, special things in people I know less well - I hugged a surprised colleague and told him I had missed him over Christmas. I took a snap of my boyfriend and my cat cuddling in bed this morning and showed him just how adorable he looked with his sleepy eyes. I told my friend how much I liked her coat, and how it made her eyes sparkle.

These compliments touched others lives, made me feel good about saying them and notice the things I'm grateful for. If that's not 'mindfulness', I don't know what is.

It doesn't take much to make someone smile.


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