Making Friends with the Lizard.

6 Jul 2015

I'm pretty amazing.

Well the way I'm made is.

I've got a Lizard brain, a mammalian brain and a higher-thinking brain that thinks it's in charge.

Sometimes these three don't play nicely together.

My lizard brain loves me.

She wants to keep me safe.

She likes the letter "F" too.

How so?

Well, when she thinks I'm in danger she reminds me that over millions of years, those animals with lizard brains have survived by reacting to threats in three ways - all beginning with 'F'.

Some have used 'flight' in the sense of running away.

Some have used 'freeze' as a strategy, and danger has passed them by.

Some have reared up and chosen 'fight' - taking on the aggressor head-to-head, tooth-and-claw, face-to-face... and won.

My lizard is beautiful but she is driven by fear.

My higher thinking brain has discovered love.

Love casts out fear - perfectly.

And the Universe has given me a gift to go with love.

The gift is that I cannot think of two things at the same time.

This is a deep and profound kindness.

So I can choose fear or I can choose love - but not both.

Today, I've invited my higher brain and my lizard brain to have tea together in my mammalian brain. My mammalian brain is really good at emotion and memory - so I'm hoping we'll have a memorable and fun time together.

Of course, I've got a hidden agenda. I just want them all to get along together. I want my higher brain to fall in love with my Lizard. I also want my higher brain to respect my lizard because sometimes she's right and the wisest thing to do is to freeze quietly for a while, or run away, or even fight.

But I never want her to do this in fear again.

I want her to choose these options from a position of strength - from love.

My lizard is strong.

Strong enough to ask, "What would love do?"


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