Man's best friend.

30 Jun 2014

Now everybody loves a cute kitten or an adorable puppy don't they? They are pretty and handsome, vulnerable and needy. When my nine year old son asked for a puppy last year, how could I refuse? My heart said "yes" but my head said "not practical, too costly, such a tie and hard work."

My heart won the day but I soon began to regret it when I was left 'holding the puppy'. His big brown eyes and handsome face did not win me over and resentment began to build inside me. My mood dipped and continued on that path for months and months. I was scared that by the puppy 'controlling' my world I was trapped into a situation I could not change (and oh yes, I'm allergic to dog hair too). It seemed that no-one was listened to my pleas for a helping hand or to my sneezing and wheezing!

Through the use of a fantastic pet sitting service and regular sessions with a person centred counsellor I can now happily say that my opinion of the puppy is a positive one and it is easier to see why people say dogs are 'man's best friend'.

Marley and Me

A Moodscope member and her dog!

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