Marching Forwards.

30 Dec 2014

I love marching. There's something about March music that gets you into a good place psychologically and physiologically - body and mind marching to the beat of the same drummer. I say this even though I have no military background or interest in the military - other than a deep gratitude for those who have allowed us to live safely through their dedication and sacrifice.

I think the 2/4 time signature is far more fundamental than the institutions we have associated with it - it is deeply visceral. It is good for us.

I will often 'march' up to the local shop. There's a real sense of progress in my stride. Playing music in my mind (my iMind!!) also adds to the effect - something like the Radetzky March being a top choice. I really do believe in using 'music on purpose' and the purpose of music being to enhance life. I choose music to change my state of mind. My choice has meaning, a purpose, and great power to transform my day.

However, today I have something else in mind: Marching for something. There is a story about Mother Teresa being asked to join a protest march against a conflict in one of the many troubled areas of the globe. She refused. Puzzled, the sincere protestor asked her why she wouldn't march. Her reply was that she would never march against anything...but she would gladly march for peace.

For Mother Teresa, marching was always marching forwards and marching towards something better. It was neither 'against' or 'away from' something. This positive psychology of choosing a noble goal and marching positively towards it is a great way to feel motivated.

I'd encourage you to start marching forwards towards the New Year, and for causes you believe in - even if this is as simple as the good cause of having a positive day! I promise you that you will discover something amazing - your positive stride will catch on and you will find that other people may well choose to march to the beat of a similar drummer!


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