May my heart always be open to little birds

21 Aug 2022

“May my heart always be open to little

birds who are the secrets of living

whatever they sing is better than to know

and if men should not hear them men are old”

E E Cummings

This verse from Cummings’ famous poem reminds us of the power of keeping an open heart. A heart open to new experiences. A heart open to new adventures.

It is all too easy to close down when we feel depressed. You and I could even agree that this is the sensible thing to do, but a heart that is closed down is no longer open for business. And the heart’s business is ‘Life’ – enjoying it as fully as we may for the fleeting moments we are conscious on this Earth.

We could collaborate in creating a long list of habits and behaviours and thoughts and feelings that close us down and shut ‘Life’ out. Depression is joined by unforgiveness, unforgiveness by fear, fear by self-doubt… all accompanied by the words, “Don’t,” and, “No!” and, “Shan’t,” and, “Can’t.” Even writing them feels unpleasant yet safe. No risk means no pain – or at least less pain.

Yet, today, I would stay open to little birds that twitter secrets of living.

Today, I would say, “Yes!” to Life and risk and adventure.

Today, I would say, “I forgive you,” and, “Will you forgive me?” and, “I forgive myself.”

Today I would pursue love, which when perfected, casts out all fear and doubt.

Today I shall shout, “I can!” and, “I shall!” and, “I do!” and, “I will!”

Perhaps these are the secrets of living that they sing of.

Simply writing these already feels better.

Today, let us stay open for business, the business of Life.

What does ‘Open’ mean to you?


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