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18 Mar 2023

During the last 2 years, when I have become more involved with Moodscope, various themes have emerged that seem to stand out as the most important in discussing MH matters. These themes are sometimes simply ideas in everyday conversation or more complex concepts worthy of deeper consideration.

I have given some thought, after rereading earlier Posts, to what would appear in my top themes for MH purposes. This only my personal list, in no particular order, and may contain information from earlier blogs.

1  Self Compassion

When our mind is going through a tough time try to show it some empathy. Don’t be hard on yourself. I still use my mantra AAM which stands for acknowledge, accept and manage. I think it is important to build some ME time in to your daily routines.

2  Acceptance

This can be a difficult subject to take on board but I believe it is vital if we live with our MH conditions. It is counterproductive to fight against moods etc. There needs to be some acceptance so we can develop a peaceful mind.

3  Hope

We need hope as well as love and faith to find inner peace with ourselves. Our future depends on it. If we can accept our condition it breeds hope.

4  Social Connection

As much as we need time with our own thoughts it is obvious we also must live part of our life in the company of others. We benefit greatly from social connection. Too much isolation leads to loneliness.

5  Passion

To be able to fully focus on just one activity to the exclusion of all others is a very valuable gift. I know this from personal experience. Two years ago I joined the local village crown green bowling club. It became one of my best decisions. Not only did I learn a new skill but I met a large number of very friendly people. It became a passion; every Tuesday and Saturday we would meet, enjoy some banter and a friendly competitive game of bowls. Every visit was like a therapy session for me. Then it all stopped. The Green closed at the end of September last year; I really missed it and my MH suffered. I was prevented from following my passion. I am very happy to report it reopens today!

6  Self Esteem

It is so easy to put yourself down; only seeing the things that don’t go well. We need to give ourselves credit for things well done. There is nothing wrong with self congratulation.

7  Boundaries

When I was a young boy (a long time ago!) I associated the word ‘boundary’ with the game of cricket. It marked the line on a cricket field where extra runs were scored if the ball crossed over it. Now I realise that the term has a completely different meaning. In our relationships with others we need to understand the boundaries within which we ethically behave. This is most important in a therapist/client relationship. There has to be a set of rules (often not overtly discussed) within which the therapy sessions are conducted. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the themes I have chosen. Can you think of other themes I have not mentioned? 


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