Merry Moodmas

25 Dec 2022

Looks like we’ve made it.  Merry Christmas Moodscopers!  

Whether we have daundered in to the season, stepping deeper day by day, taking a peek sideways at the lights, or whether we have skidded up to the doors grasping for a handhold, we seem to be here. And if you are reading this, then we have arrived at our little church together. Once again.  

We are collectively a very special bunch. On the surface, we unite with a common thread of the trials of keeping our mental health as steady as we can through our challenges. And below that layer lies all manner of specialness.    

Thinking back over the last twelve months, my heart goes a little ‘boom’ at how our community takes care of each other. Daily. Every day we connect in one way or another, at one time or another. Think of how magical that is – we connect daily only through words and messages left, and the goodness that comes from that is immeasurable.  

I hope you all take a little bow today, perhaps in the mirror, you silent heroes. Walking your path, holding your own, making room (at the inn) for those who need, and sharing your experiences too. I know this is not an easy time of year for everybody and I hope you know you can shelter here. I’m proud to know such an incredible bunch of people – wishing a Merry Christmas to you and yours.  

Love from 

The fairy lit room above the garage  

A Moodscope member

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