Metaphorical Rainbow.

11 Mar 2016

"As I was walking, I was thinking a lot about my psychologist's suggestion to spend some time away; thinking about how I'd put it into practice. It needed serious thought, but the idea made me feel extremely anxious. There are difficult times ahead – and difficult times right now – no matter what I do (or plan to do). Pain, of the emotional kind, is inevitable.

The weather had been fine, but then it started to rain. At first I thought of it as a nuisance, and turned around, deciding to cut my walk short as it was getting heavier. I started to get irritated, thinking I'd be soaked by the time I reached the shelter of the car if it carried on like this.

And then I looked a little ahead, and saw a vivid and beautiful rainbow. It was unusual in that one of its ends was actually in front of the trees on the other side of the river. I think I've only ever seen that once before in my life. Today, It felt symbolic; one of those moments when it seemed as if the universe was speaking to me, telling me that even in the toughest of times, there's beauty.

It felt like a sign that I should go forwards despite the rain, and there would be something beautiful – or at least positive – on the other side; it was in sight and it was in reach."

I wrote this just over a year ago. I didn't mind the rain after seeing that rainbow, and somehow, I stopped feeling so anxious about what lay ahead. I did what I needed to do; I made my plans. It was hard – really hard at times – just as I expected. But you know something? The universe was right; there was a 'rainbow' at the end of it.


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