Mind the Gap.

5 Mar 2015

I am grateful to Frankie for the idea for this week's blog.

Frankie stated on Tuesday: "So, what can I do? Well lots of things really, if I choose to...and that is the point; I, and only I, can choose my response to my situation.

As I read that, I immediately thought of a model I use which could offer further clarity to that very point, that each one of us is responsible for our response to any situation.

Between stimulus and response there is a gap and in that gap (unlike any other animal on the planet) lies our unique human abilities that enable us to consider and respond appropriately.We have the power or wisdom, not simply to react like a knee jerk reaction – as all other animals do.

Humans have such a great ability to 'choose' their response.we are response-able, as well as responsible.

If we are however emotionally imbalanced, given that all 4 'qualities' that stem from the freedom to choose are emotionally based, we will simply react like animals, as our full cortical ability shuts down in states of anger or distress. Only when we are emotionally balanced can we truly use our full capacity to create a better future. This is where I find Heartmath useful and some may use other bio-feedback devices.

We can place ourselves in heartfelt balance before making any important decisions – if we have the desire to do so and use all our human abilities. I remind myself that I am responsible for my actions and I only 'lose' when I blame anyone else for my challenges or failures.

To Frankie again: "For it is in changing my response to the situation AND in reminding myself daily of my choice that will enable me to challenge my feelings of inadequacy."

And when we are mentally ill, we may well rely on someone we trust, to use their unique human abilities to either help or even make some decisions for us.

Dare I say 'mind the gap'...or should that be 'mine the gap'?


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