Minding the mind

19 Jul 2019

I was inspired to write this blog after reading a piece by a fellow moodscoper on her experiences with mental health services.

Having been referred by my GP to see a pyschologist at my local hospital, I truly felt that maybe I was going to get some help other than the usual "Here's some tablets, come back and see me in a month" line that no doubt we have all heard all to often. (Not that medications don't work because they do help.)

After only half an hour of questions, many of which they already had the answers to, I was told that I was currently too sick (!) for the pyschologist to take my case and was referred to a local eating disorder clinic. (I don't have an eating disorder I have severe anxiety which leads me to be violently sick, this is due to past traumas that occurred at mealtimes).

As I expected the eating disorder clinic wasn't able to help me as they were concerned that the work they would do could make my other issues worse and they suggested I go back to the pyschologist.

Back to my GP I went. His advice then was for me to self refer to an organisation called Insight which I did, only to be told yet again that I really needed to see a psychologist.

It was then in desperation I contacted my local Mind group. I had a meeting with one of their wonderful staff and even though they agreed that I needed to be seen by a psychologist, they have provided me with support, a friendly face, and a shoulder to cry on when it's been needed.

I can honestly say that without their support I don't think I would have come through the last few years unscathed and functioning, even if it is with a malfunction.


A Moodscope member.

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