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12 Dec 2022

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We all have precious moments when providence or serendipity sends us a treat. One such precious moment was last night in the freezing cold on Swanage’s Victorian Pier. A crowd of us was there for the switching on the lights by Father Christmas (who arrived by boat!)

Waiting in the cold, looking out over the waves under the moonlight, a small girl asked her Dad if a big wave had ever flooded the pier. Realising she meant a Tsunami, her Dad shared the word with her as he reassured her… but here’s the thing: I heard him say, “Zoonami!”

Of course, he didn’t say that, but it was too late, my imagination was engaged! I ‘saw’ a flood of animals coming into Swanage Bay on surf boards (like the seagull I’d recently seen surfing on driftwood.)  (Thought to self: I probably need to change my medication!)

And this brings me to today’s two questions:

Q. What animal would you most like to be?


Q. Why?

Dog or Cat?

Cat or Mouse?

Dinosaur – but which one?

Fish, Amphibian, Reptile, Bird, Mammal?

Orangutan, Gibbon (Funky, of course), Gorilla, Chimpanzee?

They say confession is good for the soul, so I’ll lead by example!

I want to be an Otter.


They are massively playful, lithe, and love fish, of course!

To me, they stay young forever through their combination of frisky fun-loving living, insatiable curiosity, and healthy diet.

Once you’ve decided on your animal or bird (and shared it with us), how could you be more like your Avatar?

How could I be ‘more Otter’?  Hmm, I think that Sea Swimming is beckoning again!

I’m looking forward to a flood, a Zoonami, of witty, wise, and wonderful revelations of your favourite animals!

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