Movies or books that make you cry

12 Sep 2022

I wrote a blog a while ago about watching movies I’d watched before because I liked the comfort of the familiar. While staying home watching movies/YouTube/documentaries and falling asleep during them, I again found the comfort of old movies or frequently watched ones.

I find that movies I have seen before tend to make me cry in expected and unexpected places. While I have watched the 1957 ‘An affair to remember’, I had not seen the 1937 version ‘Love Affair’ on which the latter movie is very closely based, even words for much of the movie.

I wonder why I am attracted to movies that make me cry and keep making me cry, even if I know what happens next.

I wonder, do you have a movie or book that, even though it makes you cry, you want to rewatch it? Or did you watch a movie once, like it and it made you cry, but you would not watch it again.

So, get out your tissues, sit on the couch and let me know the movies/books that make you cry. I hope to compile a list.

I feel there are always times when a movie that makes us cry is what we need. What do you think..?


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