Moving can be SO hard.

29 Jan 2015

When its morning its dark,

Many feel like this.

Life seems so stark,

But what do we miss?

I know when I move,

Things improve.

I know when I push,

I change the groove.

But boy do I struggle,

To stop the rumination.

Yet I know for sure,

It'll lead to aggravation.

Living alone,

Does not help my pain.

I really need someone,

To help me regain.

Some sense of perspective,

To help me see,

That things can change,

It's up to me...

I know this week,

I've progressed again.

My son has helped me,

Lose some of the pain.

We've come away,

The pair of us.

It got me moving,

Not still tied in a truss.

I intellectually know,

It's better for me,

To move and speak,

And even have tea.

But my emotions seek safety,

To stay locked inside.

My desire is too often,

To stay in and hide.

If these words can help you,

Pick up the phone.

Maybe you won't be,

A home alone clone.

Can you make that call,

Can you go next door?

Can you walk out and meet,

Can you start to seek more?

I know I can't sometimes,

Yet I also remember,

When I did move before,

It brought some splender.

I could live in the moment,

With that glimpse of the now.

I forgot all my pain,

I was alive somehow.

I could fight on,

Instead of goodbye.

There was a life,

In my mind's eye.

What one action (tiny or otherwise) can you take today to move towards the light through your discomfort?


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