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27 Oct 2022

Tara Schuster’s wonderful book ‘Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies’ centres around the idea that you’re worth it. Worth the flowers, worth the clean sheets, worth the good glasses, the nice underwear. And if you don’t have these things that’s ok, because flowers grow on trees. You don’t need an elaborate bunch from a fancy florist when you can grab a few frangipane as you walk down the street and stick them in a shallow bowl when you get home. Of course it’s nice having a vase to display them in, but you don’t need Dinosaur Designs to enjoy the smell. 

So it’s spring here in Australia, if you can’t tell, and as the Eastern States brace for more flooding I’m heading west (towards bushfire-land - not this year though) to enjoy the cherry blossoms. 

What about you? What can you do to remove yourself from a miserable situation and move towards a better one?


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