Muddle- headed wombat

4 Dec 2020

There is a well-known children’s book in Australia called The Muddle-headed Wombat by the much-loved author Ruth Park.

It is a story about a wombat who gets into all sorts of adventures and is muddle headed. This means he is lovable and much liked but gets confused easily.

I have always related to the muddle-headed wombat. When people ask me how I am going I often say I am muddling along. I have in the past and am muddling at present and will in the future and I guess I will keep muddling on until I cannot muddle any more.

It sums up this year for me as I have been trying to keep going to make sense of all the changes to me and to society in general. I am not cruising, I am not always struggling though I do at times, I am not moving on, I am not recovering, I am muddling or even plodding. This is who I am - muddle-headed Leah though a muddle-headed wombat sounds so much more endearing.

I am wondering, do you have words you use to describe your mood or how you are going?

Can you relate to muddling along?


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