Music and the Magic Beans

2 Aug 2020

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How tall could you grow?

How high could you go?

I was sitting in the garden, in the glorious sunshine, drinking particularly fine coffee, and admiring the exponential growth of our beans.

The beans, like magic, have grown to the top of the bamboo canes provided for structure… and well beyond. Now, like a triffid, the top growth waves laterally in the breeze - seeking opportunity to climb higher. It wants to grow taller, it wants to reach the sky.

I mused to myself, “If the bamboo went higher, just how tall would the beans grow before they said, ‘enough!’?”

I suspect they would grow very tall indeed.

A good writer doesn’t often mix metaphors, but my mind often jumps from one topic to another. Let’s go with the flow of my thoughts.

Looking at the beans and bamboo, I could see different talents. The bamboo canes offer a reliable structure, the beans offer an ability to climb and entwine, and to draw strength from the Sun and soil. Without the bamboo, the beans would flounder and probably rot on the damp soil, in the shadow of other plants.

My mind then jumped to music - specifically to the components of rhythm, harmony, and melody.

The beans enjoy the daily rhythm of sunshine and shade, of day and night. The beans are not the Sun but they know how to work with the unique talent the Sun has in order to grow. A daily rhythm.

The beans themselves know the power of harmony - the ability to wrap around others in order to grow tall and magnificent. Harmony.

The bamboo, famed for its stature, knows how to grow firm, straight, strong and tall, like a good melody.

Then I thought of Moodscope in the light of both the magic beans and the power of music.

When we regularly take the assessment, this is like rhythm - and like the Sun shining on our strengths, and the moon revealing our challenges.

Harmony comes from the comments of other Moodscopers, seeking to encourage us, and from our designated buddies, watching for our well-being. Harmony is being and feeling understood.

And the song’s melody is each blog - each blog a song in itself building a library of delights to dance to each day. Everyday, we sing a new song.

Rhythm, Harmony, Melody.

With these unique talents each playing their part, I wonder how tall we can grow, and how high can we go. With one another’s help, can we reach the sky?

Whatever the validity of my thoughts, I was pleased to pause and reflect on how valuable each Moodscope member is, how nutritious each comment, how important the regular assessment is, and how unique each message. It is good when we dwell together in harmony. With one another’s help, and the structure of Moodscope, perhaps the sky is the limit… or beyond!

And here’s a final thought. If we can help Moodscope grow taller, how many more people could we help?


A Moodscope member.

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