Music to help with anxiety/depression.

4 Aug 2018

I have always really liked music. Music can really can change your mood but not always in the right direction. These days if I hear a song that will lower my mood, I turn it off.

I have always wanted to play an instrument but have failed numerous attempts with a keyboard.

Recently I saw a sign in a supermarket which said learn to play the ukalali - 5 lessons £5 a lesson.

I went along and must say I really enjoyed it. There were about ten like minded people and we had a really good laugh. I was really surprised to find that within a few lessons I could play a couple of basic cords.

Three months on, I am improving very slowly but really enjoy playing the Ukalali. It is a fun instrument small enough to carry easily and it only has 4 strings.

I practice first thing in the morning and just before I go to bed. It's very satisfying when you realise you can remember a basic tune - a real sense of achievement. I find it distracts my overactive mind from negative thoughts. I really believe it is helping me sleep better too which in turn helps an awful lot.

It is a cheap instrument to buy and there are lots of tutorials on YouTube.

I know I will never appear on Britain's got talent, but I wouldn't want to be anyway! My mood is currently staying steady and I believe playing the ukulele is helping. My grandchildren love it too especially when we have a little sing song.

I hope this blog may encourage someone to give it a go.


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