My Enemy...

25 May 2015

...who became my friend.

I have a gift. I can meet a complete stranger, and within an amazingly short space of time, I can see how their life could be so much better. How? Simply because they reveal their self-sabotaging sub-routines through which they nullify their chance of success in life! I can see that they are their own greatest enemy. It usually begins with self-depreciating comments and continues with other ways they talk about themselves and their experience, failures, set-backs, likes, dislikes, prejudices and opinions.

Then I look at their obvious unnecessary failings and I see...


I am my own worst enemy.

I hoping this is resonating with you as you get this message. Let me illustrate with the most obvious issue. You see, I'm fat. There are parts I haven't seen for a while. I feel estranged! Often I'll make a joke about this - like I just did. But it's not really funny, and I'm not really laughing. Will I lose weight? It's the obvious solution. No. I'm actually happy being me the way I am.

So then, my enemy must become my friend. I must transform being plump into an advantage. Actors do this. Many of them have characteristics that they transform into part of their character - and so develop unique niches in which to showcase their artistry. Films need fat actors, bald actors, ugly actors, actors who have speech impediments, small actors, tall actors, actors with bad teeth, and actors with bad attitudes. The key is to see everything that could hold you back as a potential asset - an opportunity... and be nice about it.

That's my message today: be kind to yourself. Like everything about yourself. Find something good in every aspect of your physique and personality. We do this, don't we, when we fall in love? They don't put the top on the toothpaste so we think, "Ah, how thoughtful, they left the top off so I could save time!" They pee on the toilet seat, and we think, "Ah, how thoughtful, they know that urine kills certain germs!"

OK, now you know I'm being ridiculous, but I hope you smiled. Just for one day, just for today, would you be nice to yourself? Being fat gives me a lot of presence - I'm going to use that presence.



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