My Five Currencies.

2 Feb 2016

Today the sun has graced us with its big beaming face. Living in a wet, rainy grey climate really does challenge many of us. My inkling is that part of the reason Britain is teeming with eccentrics and off-the-wall characters is because of our weather.

I have been called "crazy" and "mad" in affectionate ways. And do you know what, instead of trying to tone it down I have decided to embrace this part of me that affords me sunshine. Maybe it is a way of escaping the dark (and I do still go there) but it gives me energy, the currency of living. That's my number one currency.

But I need other currencies to pay into my energy account, especially to balance the zany.

Nutrition is the number two. I haven't eaten unhealthily but I haven't packed enough nutrients or protein. Ridiculous actually as my cooking has inspired others who tell me to write a book on my creations. Depression can take the appetite hostage and anxiety can tighten the purse strings. Since supping daily "blasts" using a well known extractor I feel more vitalised. Frozen berries, spinach, apples and beetroot with fresh ginger is a great pick me up, hard lining nutrients to my brain.

Number three goes without saying – music: especially on the radio or new finds on YouTube. The preponderance of enriching music out there is inspiring.

Number four - meditation and breathing via any source you like. Gyms are functional but for me soulless, so the free fresh air and singing my own ditties gets the lungs working. Wouldn't it be great to have dance breaks at work? I bet that would oomph productivity, the Holy Grail of the industry!

Number five. Winter is the time the trees shut up shop and go within to cultivate energy within ready for new growth in Spring. Trees tend to be around for a while so I am following their wisdom in winter and having plenty of sleep or if insomnia is a problem listening to relaxation tracks or binaural beats on my headphones.

I bet you all use these strategies and more already. I am creating a tree on wall in the house where I pin my tips as leaves to help me sustain these good habits. As I feel better I hope to pin larger leaves with the fruits of my strategies.


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