My 'Happy box' and my 'box of Burdens'

12 Jan 2020

I have a 'happy box' where I keep physical mementos from people who are and were vital in my life. That's the easy part. Recently I have struggled to find a way to 'contain' my fears, sadness and other burdens that seem to be increasing in my life, especially now that my family and I are getting older.

For many years I have had my 'Happy Box' on a shelf in my closet. It's a real box which originally held greeting cards. Inside I put special birthday cards, photos of family and other significant people in my life. I also have the last letters from my twin sister, before she passed away in 1982. I often open the box and can physically touch and see the photos, read the cards and letters. They are happy souvenirs and I cherish them.

Recently I have been feeling triggered by sad events. My mind goes over these sad thoughts, over and over again, and it is difficult for me literally 'put them aside'. So I thought about my 'happy box' and decided to create my 'box of burdens'. I found an old metal box and I put a post-it labeled 'my box of burdens' on the top. I have since written on a piece of paper the events that are triggering my fears and sadness and folded it in the box.

Now I can keep both my 'happy box' and my 'box of burdens' on the shelf and I really feel more balanced, calm and serene. I can open each box and add items to each of them. More importantly I can CLOSE the boxes and remember that every feeling now has its 'home'.

What's in your 'happy box' and your 'box of burdens'?


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