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19 Nov 2022

We all lead and have led different lives. At some point in time you and I decided to join this organisation so we have something in common.

We are part of a very large number of people who record their daily mood score and receive daily Blog posts written by members. You, like me, may also take an active role in talking to other members on this site.

I have been encouraged by previous Posts to write about my life with Moodscope (M). In particular I am grateful for the Posts written by RATG on 23 October (This is about you) and by Jul many months ago (What does M mean to you?)

Some of the information that follows may have been said before and I apologise in advance.

I joined M in July 2011. This was during another spell of depression. My wife showed me it advertised in a Woman’s magazine and I went on line. I concentrated for many months in recording my daily mood score. The back up data was less sophisticated then but I soon discovered which of my daily activities were most beneficial in uplifting my mood. Although the M Blog was up and running I did not get involved at all and certainly never entertained the idea of writing Posts.

During the period between 2014 and 2017 my interest in M waned. My mood was fairly stable and I rarely recorded any daily mood scores.

Then part way through 2018 my mood dipped again and I sought help. I started doing my mood scores again and visited the local NHS MH Team. Neither seemed to help much and I continued to struggle until my life was turned upside down by the trauma of a mental meltdown in March 2020. 

After somehow surviving that crisis I returned to M in early 2021. During a lockdown period I started sending regular emails to groups of friends telling them what I was doing and inviting their comments. I discussed this with my therapist and we thought M might be interested. So in May 2021 I sent my first Post to the M blog. Little did I know that within 18 months I would have completed number 40! 

I feel very much part of the M family now, becoming a regular contributor and taking a keen interest in all MH matters. M has become part of my daily routine. It has given me reassurance and security. I am thrilled by the recent update to the presentation of the M site. It shows commitment to the future and will hopefully encourage more people to join. 

One of my main reasons for participating in the blog discussions is my desire to use my MH experiences to help others. Having an easy way to help each other is wonderful.

I think it will improve our camaraderie if we share our views and experiences of M. If you can leave a comment here that would be great or even better write a Blog Post.


A Moodscope member

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

Moodscope members seek to support each other by sharing their experiences through this blog. Posts and comments on the blog are the personal views of Moodscope members, they are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice.

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