My magical Gumboots.

4 Sep 2015

It has been raining a lot here recently, well thats understatement, the creek at the back of my place has flooded and I could swim from my place to the general store about 500mtrs away.

I was feeling really confined as I hadn't been out for a while. So I put on my gumboots (wellington boots/galoshers), my raincoat and umbrella. It started to rain quite heavily on my walk but I felt fine. I love my gumboots as they take me to places I could not go with my joggers. I like jumping in puddles or simply stepping in water so I can continue on my walk. What would I do without my gumboots, I would be stuck inside on wet days.

It made me think about things that help me negotiate the world when I am not really coping - I have a handspun shawl my mother knitted for me that I wrap myself in when I need a boost. I have colourful socks which make me smile.

What about not actual things but metaphorical gumboots to make life easier. I sometimes imagine my smile is magical and will let me manage a bad day.

Maybe I need a pair of colourful invisible gumboots that will help cope with difficult situations, that will make me stand tall when I feel like slouching, that will encourage me to get dresed when I want to stay in bed.

What are your magical Gumboots that help you and make you smile?


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