My memory, what are you doing to me?

5 May 2023

People who have read some of my blogs over the years may know I have a theme of writing letters. I have written letters to myself, letters to my young self, and letters to my old self from my young self. I have written letters to my bipolar, to machines, and to my inner critic.

Today I am writing a series of questions to my memory who I fear has abandoned me.

Dear memory

Why do you only remember when I have walked all the way from my volunteer work, that I have left my jacket behind? You don’t remember when I have walked down the hill, or halfway home or walking up the hill to my house, but only when I have opened my door, taken off my backpack and am sitting down?

Why as I get older have you abandoned me when my need is greatest?

Why do you wait till I have left the house and walked down the hill until you remember what I have left behind?

Why do you let me make a fool of myself when I cannot remember a friend’s name I have known for decades or a word I use frequently but forget when talking to family.

I wonder do any Moodscopers have a few questions for their memory?

I know why my memory lets me down and ways to improve it, but I find asking my memory questions helps me to understand.

Would you like to ask your memory questions, light-hearted or serious?


A Moodscope member

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