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31 Oct 2023

I was recently blown away by Hamilton, the Musical which concentrates on the life and times of the most famous almost president of the United States. Hamilton, born in the Caribbean, was an orphan, who was university educated at what is now the University of Colombia in Washington.

A man of consummate ambition, intelligent, well-read and a great orator to boot. He struggled with his early abandonment. A feeling I much struggled with in my early life. For me, as for Hamilton, it meant being brighter, shouting louder and mixing with some influential people to get on. The difficulty is that none of this is easy and for me, I almost became someone else.

I played rugby to a good standard; it helped me ‘fit in’ with the lads but I was not and am not a lad. The drinking games and the hell-raiser behaviours were amusing to start with but it’s difficult to perpetuate that disguise and the feelings and emotions that go with it.

Back to Alexander Hamilton, he became Secretary of State for the Treasury…‘talk less, smile more’ was the advice he received from his nemesis, Aaron Burr. Hamilton’s financial plans were venerated and he made many Americans rich. Thomas Jefferson for one. It was Burr who eventually shot Hamilton for he felt betrayed when Hamilton voted for Jefferson to be the third President.

I guess the point I’m trying to circuitously make is that it is important for us all to maintain perspective and to be ourselves. There is nothing worse, in my view, than having to try and be someone else either to satisfy the needs of others or to promote our own development. Better to be true to yourself, be sure of who and what you are. This way lies confidence and self-assuredness along with a certain amount of internal peace.

Hamilton didn’t listen to his internal monologue. Instead, he felt the need always, always to prove himself. He did a great job doing so but at what cost? His life!

Nothing but nothing is worth all that is it? 

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself time and space to show yourself some loving kindness and compassion.

Have a great day and take time for yourself, just to be.

Robin Goodfellow

A Moodscope member

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