My tears

1 Oct 2020

My tears are because I seem stuck in past and unable to move on.

My tears are for the pain others suffer.

My tears are because I feel no one understands me.

I cry because I need hugs now but there are none.

I cry because words are not enough.

I cry as I feel so alone.

I cry since little things or words upset me.

I cry as I feel I live someone else's life.

I cry as I see my hope slipping away.

I cry as I feel nothing will ever be the same.

I cry as I feel too much or feel nothing.

My tears are because people say control the things you can, but I cannot control them.

My tears are for me.

My tears are for everyone.

My tears are for no reason. 


I wrote this prose back in April as it is a snapshot of my life. 

It is not a poem, it is repetitive sentences as to how I was feeling nearly 7 months ago. 

I do not cry all the time and I do not cry about all those things at once, but I find it helpful when I feel overwhelmed.

Would you be able to complete the following.

Write, I cry…, or my tears...,  telling me of why you cry.

Maybe you do not cry and would like to, if so, what would like to you cry about?


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