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4 Jun 2021

I would like to tell you about my experience of Counselling therapy. I hope it will provide information to enable you to decide whether it may useful for you.

I have dabbled in Therapy a few times earlier in my life during periods of mental turmoil and /or depression. Each time it was for a short period ( about 6 sessions ) and although it was useful to speak to an independent soul I did not feel I gained much lasting benefit.

In March 2020 I suffered a mental breakdown that changed my life. I was referred to the local Mental Health Team. Unfortunately as this coincided with start of the first Covid lockdown the normal face to face counselling was not available. So my first experience of telephone counselling began. Two members of the MHT rang me at prearranged times two or three times each week. This continued until the end of September when it was agreed they had done as much as they could. I had received a total of about 40 hours counselling. The process was a life saver during this critical time.

I realised I needed more help and that it must be face to face. I went on line to find a psychotherapist and visited the website for BACP ( British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I looked for a qualified therapist within 10 miles of home. Initially I contacted a business engaging a number of therapists on their premises. I lost interest when they could not confirm I would be seeing the same person on each visit. After a bit more research I found a therapist operating only 2 miles from home. She ( I will call her Linda but it is not her real name) is fully qualified and rents a small office in a business village. In early October I rang Linda and arranged our first meeting. It was obvious to me very quickly that we could relate to each other easily.

She suggested weekly hourly sessions at the same time each week. I had decided that to gain the maximum benefit from this therapy I needed to be completely open and honest about my thoughts, feelings and my life story.

We soon gained each others trust and found a similar sense of humour. At our first session I was nervous but soon felt as ease. Linda listens well, has a brilliant memory and loads of empathy. We have discussed many issues in my life and have not always agreed on the best course of any action. She practices integrative therapy which to suits me.

I have now competed about 30 sessions and realised that the relationship between client and therapist is unique. It can be very friendly but is contained confidentially within the time spent together at each session. It is difficult to measure progress but I certainly feel better than when I started. We have now agreed to continue sessions on a fortnightly basis.

So could Therapy make a difference for you? I think it might provided the following conditions are present:



Ability to relate

Comfortable setting



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