My tool box for recovery.

22 Dec 2015

So sometimes just when I think life is running smoothly I get hit by a curve ball. This curve ball came in the shape of a wonderful rescue Lurcher called Rosco, whom we adopted and after five days realised was too much for me to handle, much to my children's distress. I didn't tell them that I also cried my eyes out when I actually took him back.

And this with the prospect of Christmas looming and a couple of tricky cases at work has meant my mental health is not as good as I would like it to be... the constant feeling of panic, the autopilot switch has definitely been flipped and I am now taking medication I only resort to on difficult days.

So how am I going to manage and how much resilience can I muster?

In a few days' time I am cooking for the immediate family on Christmas Day including the ex husband and the rest of my wider family on Boxing Day! How did that happen? I mean I don't even really like Christmas...

So now's the time to really pull out my tool box for recovery:

1. Years of experience mean that I know this tricky time will pass and I need to be patient and trust that eventually some sort of equilibrium will return.

2. At the moment, I am making a conscious effort to still keep up with social engagements. So I know I don't really want to go to my Mum's for coffee tomorrow and see several relatives but I also know that doing so will be a good distraction from the rather weird place my head is in.

3. I am going to just try to take each day as it comes. Yes Christmas takes organisation but I have done all I need to do do now and I don't need to plan every minute detail but just pace myself.

4. I am going to sometimes be a little bit selfish. If I cook dinner I will be demanding that someone else washes up while I put my feet up.

5. I'm going to grab any brief moment of joy where I can. Whether it's the look on my son's face as he opens his Christmas present or going carol singing with some friends or just spotting a robin, I know these little pleasures can go a long way in lifting my mood.

So this is my action plan for the next few days.

What's in your tool box to keep you going through the most stressful time of the year?


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