Using Imagery To Explore Thoughts And Feelings.

19 Oct 2013

Last year a frozen trauma within me melted. Understatement. It rushed outwards in a torrent. And my whole life was strewn out along a beach. Everything about me was being washed out to sea or was flying off into the wind. And all I could do was to let it all go. I had neither the energy nor the motivation to run after it.

Gradually these past few months I have salvaged and beach combed and trawled - in order to rescue my life.

Some aspects were from the outpouring and others were little treasures that I fell upon.

It wasn't a breakdown - it was a break through.

And now the imagery has changed. From a windswept beach to a small sheltered, secluded garden. And for all there are some weeds and a few thorny bushes there are also new seedlings, perennials, berries on bushes, flowers and an old tree!

How do you "see" your life?

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