Needs Must (part 2 of 3)

5 Apr 2020

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Last week you permitted me to introduce you to the first three of nine virtual and virtuous friends who will get us all through this time.

They are nine Powerful Motivators, and they are all good to be around. If any of them fails to resonate with you, know for sure that they'll resonate with a friend or a member of your family. Building your skill at working with the nine will make life better for every life you touch in these 'interesting' times.

My nine friends feed very human and valid needs. It's now my delight to introduce the second three, with the final three to follow next Motivational Monday! Get them ALL on your side, and you will become invincible!

I promised you 'The Director' this week. The Director in you is the drive to control and direct resources. Looking about, you'll be delightfully surprised at how much choice and control you still have. What can you take charge of? Where can you demonstrate leadership?

In my time management teaching I jest, "Time? Don't wonder where it went, tell it where to go!" You have 168 hours this week, the same as the President of the USA, the leader of China, and the Queen of England. We are equal in our power to choose... though not in our power to influence! My favourite definition of 'Rebellion' is that, "My father told me to sit down; but I was standing up on the inside!" Impose your will upon your schedule!

If you fancy a Soundtrack to Rebellion, check out Airbourne (pun intended):

If 'The Director' is energised by taking control of the choices they make, our next friend and ally is 'The Builder'. Frankly, 'The Builder', is materially motivated. She or he may well be in trouble at the moment! However, their motto, "Learn from it, EARN from it," may have found the perfect moment in history to invest in themselves. What could you learn during this #WorldSabbatical that could earn you an income when we settle into the Brave New (Normal) World? What have you been promising yourself you'll 'learn' when you retire? Great news, you're temporarily retired at the moment! It's time to train!

Finally, in our second group of three Motivating Buddies, we have 'The Expert' – leading on naturally from 'The Builder'. These are three Achievement Motivators. Now is an excellent time to get Qualified and Recognised for the excellence you bring to the World. Frankly, YouTube and online learning are calling to this Motivational Force within you.

If you 'Know It' it's time to 'Show It'! Time to shine! And if the thought of going on camera terrifies you, know that the song, "Video Killed the Radio Star," was a lie! There's never been a better time to get into Podcasting! No camera, just your voice. If this seems beyond you, talk to Caroline at Moodscope and get in contact with me through her and I will give you space and time to shine.

We've GOT this!


A Motivated Moodscope Member

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