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21 Apr 2023

How do you not let others negative comments hurt you? 

These can be comments from strangers, from friends and family or comments on social media.

I am not sure if anyone can relate. I get upset when people are being critical of me, but I worry I am overreacting. People say it doesn’t matter but it matters to me.

Being able to see sometimes that the criticism is unfounded and judgmental is important. I try to have compassion for the other person. I also try to think that the comment is more about the other person and not me. 

I don’t think I would be able to tell the person how their comment affected me as someone suggested to me, but I have written it down and that helps. 

When low it made my own self-loathing worse. Now I still am sensitive which I accept but I need to distinguish between helpful comments from unhelpful.

I wonder how you cope with negative comments. The advice I get is let it go which is not something I find useful or that I can do. Also people say breathe, but of course I am breathing.

I am looking forward to the supportive Moodscope community help me by telling me how not to let negative comments hurt me. 


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