New Home

30 Jan 2021

I had to respond to all you lovely people who remarked on my very first blog ‘Moving On’ (19 December 2020). Thank you. 

I have arrived in the room beside the garage. No it is not awful, just not the same quaint cottage I have left. I walk about 6 paces to my new office from my sofa bed. How strange it is to wake to the sounds of others in the home. Eighteen years of living alone. I am adapting well I feel.

I have noticed my father has some memory loss I think - he wonders when I am going home. Oh dear!

How lovely it is to walk with mum in the afternoon when the sun is going down and listen to her ramblings and I smile and hold her arm a little tighter. Yes. I'm here for you mum I'm here for you both as we all slide down like the big old sun.

Our choices make a difference to so many sometimes. They can be hard to make. Some are easy.

If you are not sure, stay where you are, you will know when it's right.

Be safe. Try to have compassion. It's a wonderful thing. And you know the hardest thing I think is forgiveness, but it's worth trying.


The Attic

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