Ninety Percent

11 Sep 2022

It’s been a rather unusual fortnight, hasn’t it? As The Room Above The Garage has so insightfully shared, the loss of The Queen has allowed us to revisit our feeling of individual losses even as we share in collective grief for a Monarch who has always been ‘there’ for us.

Mindset is such a core part of our experience of life. I have had a couple of events that were really important to me over the last two Sundays. Worry is my default position when I really care about something, so it’s been an ‘interesting’ time amplified by our collective sense of emotional disturbance over such massive change. The amazing thing is that both events went very well, and my health took an instant step in the right direction as if I’d taken a miracle cure. Once again, I wonder if Life is 90 percent about mindset, and 10 percent about all the other stuff.

Thomas Edison is reputed to have said, “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration.” Could we at Moodscope be as bold as to declare, “Wellbeing is 90 percent mindset, and 10 percent…” although I’m not sure what the 10 percent is.

Carl Jung taught insights that I still don’t really understand beyond the basics. He thought there was a Collective Unconscious – a phenomenon we all share. I’m feeling this with the loss of The Queen, and with the upheaval of a new Prime Minister, the uncertainty of our economic future, and the turmoil our sisters and brothers are facing around the globe.

However (whoever starts a new paragraph with ‘however’?) However, I believe the way forward is a Collective Mindset Shift. It is time for us to grieve with gratitude for what is passing away and what has passed – especially Who has passed. It is equally time for us to look forward in the hope of sculpting, orchestrating, creating a better future – collectively.

The two events I worried so much about ‘worked’ only because other people helped me enormously. Together we made each event better. The future chapters of Pakistan, UK, Ukraine, and each troubled Nation facing traumas too many to mention – our futures, and our future depend first upon the stories we tell about the future. Dr Martin Luther King Jr said it best when he said, “I have a dream…” and he went on to spell out a future that did not exist in the present. I think His Majesty, the King, will tell us stories of a better future. And we at Moodscope can do the same. Let us, collectively, tell a story of a memory of the future that’s yet to come, yet to be created, a future where we help one another at a deeper level than ever before… Come closer with an open heart.


A Moodscope member.

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