No one to talk to

19 Mar 2021

The full title of this blog is no one to talk to, no one who listens, no one who understands.

I have a friend who lives alone with no pets, is retired and she tells me she can go a week or more with not talking to anyone in real life or on the phone.

When she told me this, I thought bliss as I don’t like talking on the phone or sometimes talking in person. As she pointed out, for me it maybe be a choice, but she does not have a choice. It doesn’t worry her, but if it has been a week, she tries to ring someone up. She told me she’s not lonely and doesn’t like people telling her she should be more social.

I wondered - is having no one to talk to, worse than having someone to talk to who does not listen or understand.

People often talk about being isolated as being lonely but to me that is different to being alone.

The loneliest I have ever felt was in a relationship where the person preferred to be with others or watch TV rather than talk or be with me.

So I wonder is being lonely different to having no one to talk to? Why are some people ok with having no one to talk to but others find it very isolating? Would having no one to talk to for several days be a problem or would you be ok?


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