No words

13 May 2021

As people who read my blogs or know me in real life, I love words, reading, writing, speaking, listening to them even making up words, playing games with words.

There are only one-time words let me down and that is when I am struggling, I am down.

I know many moodscopers have written unbelievably detailed blogs using metaphors and imagery to describe how they feel. I admire how even when feeling so bad they have the energy and imagination to write so expressively.

For me, no words come either in writing or talking, no wonderful analogies no mesmerising metaphors. All I could manage  when told just write, was to write  the same word hundreds of times, blah scrawled over 3 pages. I use up all my energy looking for a pen or turning on the computer.

Now I am going through a difficult time, but I cannot communicate to others what I am experiencing.

I wonder, are you like me who finds it hard to describe what you are feeling when you are down? Or are you someone who can compose writing that so many people can admire and relate to?


A Moodscope member.

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