21 Nov 2022

Hello everyone in the Moodscope community; I can't tell you how much your blogs have meant to me over the last 12 months. 

I have Bipolar2 but it took me 10 years to be properly diagnosed. I've enjoyed 3 careers, the current one being in retail. I spent 15 years with our largest supermarket and finally left a few days ago with some very happy memories and great friendships too.

Leaving anywhere is a hard thing to do, especially after such a long tenure. As a retail manager, I worked with some very talented people. Recently, one in particular: I'll call her 'Norm' for the sake of anonymity. 

In this little life, I found that one's inner flame can flicker and fade. And I think that's what happened to me. That is, until Norm appeared on the scene. Quite simply, a beautiful human being in every way. She has re-ignited my inner flame, which shines brightly once more and I have her to thank for keeping me true, happy and wanting to go to work.

People like Norm, and there are but few, are important to all of us for they evoke such humanity and humility. Norm has inspired me to call upon my inner strength and empathy more. Whilst Norm is considerably younger than me, she possesses such an engaging bed-side manner and is wise beyond her tender years.

So Norm, I can't thank you enough for your light, your professional passion, your collaboration, empathy, resilience and the rest. You're a real inspiration and not just to me. Thank whatever higher, cosmic power there is, for the gift of Norm.

Have any of you Moodscopers anyone similarly inspirational in your life?  If so, I love to hear your story. 

Robin Goodfellow

A Moodscope member

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