Not a knife thrower 

30 Jan 2022

I love my knives. Sorry if you are recoiling in horror - I promise I don’t take them out the house and I don’t threaten people! What I mean is, when I was in my first flat, I had a cheap paring knife that had a fairly blunt, bendy blade, and it generally made my cooking life hard. (Admittedly, this was only a small part of the reason that I lived on tiny tins of Toast Toppers.)  Nowadays, I have a better (but not expensive) set of 6 knives. I admit I don’t use all of them. I use the paring knife for little jobs and the santoku knife for everything else. I had no idea what a santoku knife was until it arrived with the knife block. It’s a big, rectangular knife, it chops and slices everything very comfortably and it makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. 


Except with melon. The santoku knife is no good at handling a melon. And neither is the paring knife. So when I have a melon to cut, I have to say hello to the other knives. I’ve learned to pass by the long slicey knife which looks like it should be great at cutting a melon. And I pass by the giant bladed knife which looks like it also should be great at cutting up a melon. Instead, I smile broadly at my friend the bread knife. It is great for cutting up bread. And it’s fantastic for cutting a melon. 


The moral of this long-winded chat is that there is sometimes a surprising match up for your problem. Give things a chance even if you haven’t tried them before. Give things a chance even if the image suggests it’s not for you. Give things a chance even if somebody else says using a bread knife for melon is a rubbish idea. 


Because it’s worth doing something if it best gets the job done for you. 


Happy Sunday my friends!


Love from

The room above the garage 

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