Not Today Thank You.

27 Jul 2017

My Mum used to play a game. Whenever myself and my children arrived for a visit, we would ring the doorbell, she would fling the door open saying 'Not today thank you,' and close the door again in our faces! Obviously she was joking! It was good fun and my children loved her sense of humour. I feel very lucky to have 'inherited' my Mum's sense of humour and now, in her darkest days whilst she battles with Alzheimer's/ Dementia, 'making Mum giggle' has become my mission. Precious moments.

I was lying in bed two days ago thinking about her saying 'Not today thank you.' So often I feel this way for real, and I'm very sure that you do as well dear Moodscoper. Whether you are curled up in bed, lying on the sofa or maybe sitting in your favourite chair - when the phone rings or the doorbell goes, how often do you want to shout 'Not today!'

That's ok isn't it? We cannot always have a sense of humour, we cannot always feel chatty, we do not always want to be available to others. I think it's nice to know that people care but we cannot always respond.

Maybe we can turn the phrase around to, 'Thank you so much, but not today.'

I love you Mum. Thank you for inspiring me to write this blog and thank you for all the giggles we have shared over the years.

Dear Moodscoper, where are you today? Are you feeling sociable or is it a 'Not today thank you' day today?

Jane SG

A Moodscope member.

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