Not what I expected...

8 Mar 2020

It's good to see blue skies again after this deluge of rain which we have all endured.

It will be 10 years this coming August that, after 32 years together, my husband unexpectedly walked out from our home. We were divorced and he remarried a woman 14 years his junior.

Life has been very difficult for me, as to be a woman alone then at 65 was not what I expected my life to be. Our one son has since married (it was a difficult day for me to be there alone with my husband there with his new wife)! I am now grandmother to a gorgeous boy and I try to see him as much as I can... at least once a week. I have never met anyone else as men my age all seem to want younger women!! As proved by my ex! I did write a short poem to try to see past sadness and this is it...

The first snowdrops thrusting their ways

through cold dark earth to sunshine's rays...

Coyly bowing goodbye to past winters chill

and spreading new hope with the daffodils frill

and the skylarks trill on the clear cool air.

All is fresh and bright and clean.

Gloom caste aside with new chances and dreams.

Warm rain to wash cheeks moist with tears...

another beginning and a good new year.

I hope that my hopes continue and I wish all who are sad very great happiness.

Lyn x

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