OK is OK 

15 Nov 2020

It has been another busy day and my head is bursting.  But something reminds me to breathe. Here in Scotland it has been a little cold. Our Autumn commences when August clocks-in. Today the air returned to warmth after the early chill burned away. And, this afternoon, the sun burned stronger than recent days, resulting in a short spell of late summer hitting the mid part of the garden.   


I opened the kitchen doors over dinner and warm air hit my face as the dinner chatter receded upstairs and I was left with a three quarters clean kitchen and my thoughts.    


The days are still unknown each morning, and we won’t understand them until we look back some years from now. But I do know that if I take my expectations, ask them to wait, and instead ask my friend, flexibility, to walk beside me, I will be ok. Maybe not great but, ok. It’s enough. I’ll take ok. 


Are you ok? 

I’m walking beside you if you are, or if you are not. 

It’s ok. 


Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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