On your own

7 Jul 2018

We had just driven my mother to the railway station after she had stayed with us after the birth of my first child.

My husband (now ex) and I were getting our daughter out of the baby capsule car seat when our eyes met because we both realised that we were now on our own with this little baby. No loving grandma to help with meals, rock a crying baby and hug me when I was tired and confused. It would just be the two of us and soon after, my husband left me so he could return to work.

As I put my baby in her pram I felt so overwhelmed at the responsibility ahead of me. As I stared at her chubby cheeks, I took a deep breath and hoped I would be okay.

It was just a moment in time when I knew I would be on my own.

I would like to know about your moment in time when you realised you were now on your own.

It maybe you are physically on your own, or because you chose a different path from your family or friends, you were on you own.

It may be a recent memory, or one from your childhood, it maybe from work, holidays, from home life, or involve a medical setting or illness.


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