One More Night Among The Frogs.

5 Jun 2016

I remember a wonderful insight from the preacher, Kenneth Copeland. He pointed out the strange response of Pharaoh to Moses in the midst of the plague of frogs. In the account, Egypt is covered with frogs. They are everywhere – especially in the homes of the Egyptians. Open the washing basket and guess what? Yup, your smalls and frogs! Open the airing cupboard, and guess what? Yup, your linen and frogs!! Open the larder, and guess what? More frogs than food!!!

Moses said he would give Pharoah the choice of when he would like the plague to end, and Pharaoh said, "Tomorrow!" (Exodus 8:9-10).

Kenneth said this was the equivalent of Pharaoh electing to spend one more night amongst the frogs.

Give me one more night in this horrible condition – I'll have it changed... tomorrow.

My point is simple – I'm the same as Pharaoh. You might be similar too.

I wait for a birthday, or even a big birthday with an 0. I wait for the New Year or the change of seasons. I wait for a new month or week or day until I commit to change for the better.

Give me one more night among the frogs that afflict me, that hold me back, that pull me down.

Pharaoh could just as easily have said, "Doh, Moses! Now let me see... HOW ABOUT NOW!!!???!!!"

No one said you or I had to wait until tomorrow for our lives to improve.

No one said there we had to spend another second in our current situation.

The time is ripe.

The time in now.

And, like Pharaoh, we've been given the honour of deciding when life is going to change for the better.

Let's choose a better life... now.


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