9 Apr 2022

I’m outside, on the bench, it’s still cold but I’m very warm from a slow run.  The air is still reasonably undisturbed. Far away a dog barks angrily, birds near me seem to respond with irritation. They give way to birdsong from birds who are less bothered by the dog. Then starts a series of chattering. I do not know which song belongs to which bird, but I do know that their morning chatter impresses me. Do they sing to each other? Do they call only to their own, or do they say hello to birds of all kinds?  

The morning cars have left, but the air is far from empty. I’m told I could see snow flutters this week and yet here and now it is blue-sky sunshine. It is abundant with bees, butterflies, my friend the blackbird, squirrels, even a morning fox considered my open door until she noticed me on the bench. I’m trying couch to 5k. I think I might die but I’ll give it a whirl!  Interestingly, the day I didn’t run on the treadmill was the day I felt overwhelmed and defeated. Onwards.  

Love from

The room above the garage

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